Compass Architecture
Compass Architecture

Harmony Village, Mittagong


Key Features

Conservation of Land and Environment
Green Living Practices
4 x 2-Bedroom Residences
Mudbrick Construction

The Site

The property known as Harmony is a wonderful example of the orchard culture established by European emigrants, holding significant historical and environmental values. Though zoned for up to 17 building blocks, the owners chose to keep the orchard intact, maintaining over 100 fruit and nut trees, a variety of berries, many organic vegetables, a herb garden and 175 native species.

The Brief

Harmony’s vision was a place of sanctuary – providing artistic and cultural opportunities for residents. Commissioned to design four dwellings, Compass Architecture was to enhance the connection between community and environment, while integrating the new dwelling and its colours into the site – all with a limited budget.

The Process

Detailed parameters eased the design process. An existing building model was applied to the site, creating a sense of harmony between shapes and movement. Careful consideration went into the placement and spacing of dwellings, the orientation of private living spaces, and the optimal exposure to the sun path.

Combining all aspects of sustainable development, Harmony incorporates mud brick construction, passive solar design principles, visual integration, community development and ecological and environmental conservation.


  • Passive Solar Design
  • BASIX Certificate
  • Recycling
  • Composting
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Organic Vegetable Garden