Compass Architecture
Compass Architecture

New Home, Bowral


Key Features

Four Bedrooms
Climate Control Strategy
Minimal Dimensioning
Indoor/Outdoor Living

The Site

This subdivided block presents many beautiful aspects, including an established garden with mature specimen trees, an oak tree with a large, leafy canopy, and views of Mount Gibraltar to the north east.

The Brief

Requesting design for a four-bedroom family home complete with a garage, the house was also to include a consultation room to be engaged during the day, without compromising the use and privacy of the family space.

The Process

Despite challenges that arose from the site, brief and budget, Compass Architecture collaboratively developed a home design that successfully fulfilled requirements.

The house, by scale and simple roof, nestles into the existing garden, creating a sensible and flexible living and working place that touches the earth lightly. The home follows a simple principle of allocating living and public spaces to the northern aspect with wide openings, and functional and private spaces to the southern aspect with smaller openings.


  • Solar Passive Design
  • Climate Protection
  • Insulated Walls, Ceilings, Roof and Floor
  • Minimal Footprint: Work and living spaces offer flexibility of use
  • Reclaimed Materials: Sourced by clients

“Nathalie transformed my preliminary sketches and ideas to produce an ambiance and practicality I never would have achieved. She was mindful of style and energy efficiency, was always accessible and negotiable, and was prepared to stand for what she felt was important.”

- Clive